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Core: Developing, sharing achievement, building success.
1.SANAN grows up with the colleague, creating opportunity for the stuff to achieve the pursuit to career and self recognition.
2.SANAN grows up with the customer, sharing the joyful of helping customer creating their fortune.
3.SANAN grows up with the society, creating value for society and helping developing the country is economy and making effort for the our nations technology.

SANAN Spirit: Being Innovative, pragmatic, dedicated, effective and enthusiastic
1.Innovativeness is the soul of a company. It helps to push the career moving forward.
2. Being real, acting real.
3. Being honor to the position, treating it as your own duty.
4.Being executive.
5. Keeping pursuing. Pursuing what customer needs.

SANAN Technologys Seven Principles
1. Ill be responsible for my work.)
2.Do the work right at the first time)
3.Always developing our quality.)
4.Quality first; Leading time second; Cost last)
5.Executive Ability is the primary productive force)
6. Our Team: Two is better than one)
7.Our Managing Principle: Your engaging is indispensable)


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