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March employee birthday report

Date: 2017-03-20 Views:2009

In March, with a ray of superficial fragrance, condensate a fat ice and clear dream, together with the unique and unique March, Senan Technology March collective birthday section and to this moment, the company room outside the room particularly warm, laughter Keep on.

In the harvest and the blessing of the sound, will be a picture of a young happy smile in the memory of the freeze.
18:30, the meeting room has long been colorful color balloon dotted with joy, then the stars have come into play. 18:40 birthday will be officially started, the activities by the overseas business manager coco presided over, his humor, so that the venue continued to applause. Two birthday stars excitedly said: "participated in a lot of birthday, turn their birthday, is still particularly touched, thanks to the company carefully prepared birthday party, thanks to join Senan technology, become Sen'an.
Birthday party in the audience together to sing a happy birthday song, birthday cake together, so wish, blowing candles, the birthday of the atmosphere to a climax. A bright smile, a sincere sincere wish, a sentence of Thanksgiving words, the same birthday party, each gave "Sen" to different touched!
"People-oriented" is a modern enterprise culture core competitiveness, excellent enterprises should have a rich connotation, deep background of corporate culture. The combination of scientific management and humane service is an important part of corporate culture. Mori Science and Technology held a birthday party is a reflection of the company's humanistic care initiative, I believe that through this meaningful activities, you can let every "Sen" can feel the company's deep concern, feel the collective warmth and happiness.


English Abby Alexey Karina coco