Power Supply(IC Control) SA-2961

▶ products elegant appearance, shell adopts high temperature resistant flame retardant, using ultrasonic welding, the use of safe and reliable;
▶ output interference is very small, and the output voltage stability, better able to extend the service life of external electrical appliances;
▶ sufficient power, anti-jamming performance is good, small ripple dc ripple below 50 mv;
▶ power low working temperature, long service life;
▶ wide input voltage range, 100-240 - v, conforms to the global use of standard;
▶ insulation performance is good, high frequency transformer 100% use vacuum soaking;
▶ at high temperature burning machine, loaded with 2 hours aging, aging test, 100% products defective rate is low;
▶ the input plug can choose;

Power Supply(IC Control)  SA-2961
  • Power Supply(IC Control)  SA-2961
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  • Power Supply(IC Control)  SA-2961



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